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Post  triumphguy13 on Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:42 pm

Blair, First off the replies on the donation and pan handling topics is block for anybody but administrators so I guess this is as good a place as any. I have no problem with what amounts to you spending your own money on what ever you want. I do have a few questions about the club. We have 90 registered users, 16 that have never logged on and 32 that haven’t logged on in over a month, including Mike, who is still the president as far as I know. There also has been nothing posted about what was discussed at the last two meetings. Right now it feels more like being a member of a forum than a BRRAT group. I don’t see how handing out business cards helps change that. I have nothing against trying to get more members but to what end? I will be the first in line to donate money, or the second since you already have, I just wanted to start a conversation about where we’re headed. That’s my two cents, anybody chime in and don’t worry about hurting my feelings. Ian

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Post  wyatt on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:42 pm

Here's my two cents. I've been a member of a Tiger forum for over five years and have recently become a member of the Street Triple forum. Both are outstanding outlets for Triumph fans. They act as a social network and help Triumph fans get together and share experiences. They have never asked for donations, they have financed the forums on advertising. I applaud Blair and Meyers for their support in this organization. I will not take anything from them or question motives. I have only once in my life headed an organization and would never do so again. It's a lot of work with little appreciation. That said, I signed up just to meet some like minded people. I have met some really good people on the site and it has allowed me to meet and ride with people, I would have probably not met, like those north Georgia Hooligans. LOL. RAT organizations bring all Triumph riders together, no matter what make or model they ride and this is a good thing, because, as I said you meet a more diverse group. I attend the Dragon Raid every year,, put on by a RAT group from Ohio. They work hard on this event and I get to take advantage of them and have met and rode with a great bunch of diverse riders. One of the guys I ride once a year, rides a Scrambler, another rides a Truxton, another rides a Sprint and we have a great time. It costs me about $35 and well worth it. I get a t-shirt and lots of door prize's on Friday and Saturday night parties. I guess I'm not really a joiner, but I like to interact. So, I guess the shakers and movers of this site are the ones that are going to have to decide where this is going. I can't really stress enough how hard the people like Mike and Blair have worked for the group and I appreciate that. I guess I'm just one of those members that likes the interaction, but my motorcycle riding is first, I usually ride alone and am happy with that. However it's nice to ride with a small group every now and then,, if nothing else to tell lies and test each other. Ian, I am rambling, but we have to appreciate their work. We have the choice of where we go. Ok it's 10:30 and a couple of shots of Wild Turkey, chased with Killians and I can say, love you guys.

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Post  YourNameHere on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:32 pm

I goofed in building the thread. I've fixed it so all can reply. Soory 'boot that.

I've never been good at getting traction with my thoughts, so here goes nothing.

First, even though I'm at work now, Myers would like to stress that they are not funding this forum. They are happy to be involved, but only when the group wants. I personally think they don't want the "owners" group to turn into an advertising opportunity for a dealer.

Mike came into the shop late last year and left a flyer for us and asked if we knew anyone who'd be interested in being involved with re-establishing an RAT group. I immediately was interested as I'd fallen in love with the brand, my bike, and my new employer. I thought, why not.

So here we are. A Group of folks interested in similar things. The group is BRRAT. The people make up the group. The forum was just a place to gather out wits. I too have never been asked to pay or donate, but I have paid many a membership fee. Mike really wants this to be an informal thing. I suppose the need could arise to one day ask for a membership fee. I personally would like a patch or stickers. Some folks may not care for one. Because it's cheaper to buy many, some of us thought we'd offer them to everyone. These could be free for those who can't spend the dime (based on donations) or could just be for sale individually.

ADVrider is a very commercialized forum (not group). You can buy stickers etc and the forum is paid for by advertisers. Some thought our forum should be advert free. Since there's really no cost in the forum itself, the only cost incurred so far is... well... nothing.

Not sure what the end game is. I was handing out fliers as to educate folks on where we meet and trying to build the group. Handing out business cards won't help anything, but would only build the foundation and people awareness. Not concerned about numbers. I realize many people do not meet or ride at the frequency you or I do. I still would like them to be involved however.

So my questions are?...
- How can we help Mike with his presidential duties during his transition time at work and otherwise?
- How can we gain more structure to our meeting so that either an open forum or specific items can be
discussed easily?
- Should we make a "membership" (either free or not) that is separate from the forum.
- Can I get (in general) a "hell yeah"?
- What would you / anyone else like to see happen? More planned events? More gathering? Camp-outs? Barn Raisings? Help-a-fellow-BRRAT-member-do-something-cool-to-their-bike-they'd-otherwise-not-do-on-their-own-, day?

Where DO we go from here?

I guess I'm to be faulted with the number of inactive users. Everyone that comes in (that's not a jack ass) and shows interest in Triumph, I direct to this site. Some may register, most will not. Some of those that do register are not active and some that are not registered I've recently ridden with.

So, what would you like t see happen?

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Post  J.Paul on Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:39 am

I agree with posts above. My goal would be to continue to build our BRRAT brand, in order to do that we need to add just a little structure. By structure I mean meetings to share what we are doing and to gather other members feedback. This will allow all parties to share in the direction of the group. The amazing thing is when looking back at the idea of BRRAT it was to get a small group together to enjoy our beautiful area on two wheels. We have done that well, now we must decide how to take this group to the next level and build off of what Mike and Blair started. I have met the best folks during our rides and have seen some amazing sites. Count me in for whatever needs to be done to make this group even better.

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